Unique Art forms in the Postmodern and Technological Age

Be it sound art or performance art, you’d think that the advent of computer-aided graphics, art would have died out. On the contrary, technology has aided the evolution of art. With the help of devices and the internet, art can now be shared with everyone in the world. An artist now has a platform for his or her unique art without having to own a physical gallery.

Unique vs Conventional

If there are changes to art is, then it would be the clashing of unique or modern to the conventional art. It’s not just about paintings using oils, acrylic, and canvass. It is only inevitable that conventional expression is challenged. We have evolved from ordinary scrapings of cavern graphics to clay cuneiform to the concept of painting on surfaces such as papyrus or stone from Egyptian or Renaissance or even beyond that.

Humans have evolved to express themselves in unique art forms using various mediums that are conventional to downright bold.

Unconventional Mediums of Art

These are the new waves of artistic impressions that defied conventional art.



The use of smoke to paint a picture. Unlike paints, the artist uses smoke from a candle, kerosene lamp or anything that produces soot to paint a picture. It can be considered a performance art too as watching the creation of a fumage involves motion and even smell.

Sound Art

Not to be confused with music, these are installations or performances are a form of kinetic and performance art that produces different kinds of sounds. A sculpture can be made to sway in the wind and produce chiming tones or a performer uses sound from ordinary objects to convey emotion.  Sound art appeals to both visual and auditory senses.  Through audio-visual recordings Art through sounds is possible.

Sticky Note Art

Definitely a modern-day art of using post-it notes on a flat surface to produce a pixelated art form. Depending on the distance you view the art, you get a different impression of the image. This art form is also fleeting because at any moment someone can clean the wall. Others have turned post-it notes arts into murals by employing glass or varnish to immortalize the creation.

Sand Animation

Sand art or producing fleeting images on sand over a lightbox is a very unique art form that can be enjoyed with or without technology. The sand images are fleeting as the artist moves the sand over and over again to tell a story. Accompanied by music, the hand gestures and images draw you in. It would be hard to preserve this form of expression in the older time periods, we are only enjoying this now because we have video recording. Learning to do sand art includes how to use a lightbox, the angle of a video camera and projection using LCD so that a crowd can see your evolving work on a bigger screen.

Futuristic Art

Finally, we have futuristic art. Artists collect any type of material that is either old or new and turn it into forms of expression. Some use computer parts to create a sculpture. For they will recycle old and new electronics. They preserve these parts and permanently embed them in their creations.

Documenting the Clash of Technology and Art

Learn more about how mankind expresses themselves amidst rising technology and conventional art. The blog of Pierre Regnault www.leblogdepierreregnault.com chronicles artistic evolution and even shows how social media photo apps can be art. Don’t discount those Instagram filters, after all, it’s all about self-expression.