Get Organized For The New Year With Smart Home Devices

It’s almost time to get a new year started. This year you can get your year started on the right foot by giving your home a smart upgrade. Smart devices are a lot more affordable now than they used to be. They can dramatically increase the function and comfort of your home.

Before we upgraded I thought that we didn’t need smart devices but it’s true that they do make life a lot better. It is much easier to get organized and keep the household running smoothly so that my husband and I can enjoy time with our kids and enjoy our home instead of working all the time to keep the home clean and organized. Here are a few of the smart home devices that you should start with if you don’t have any smart devices in your home:


Amazon Echo

The Echo is a multipurpose home AI device that you will find useful in hundreds of different ways. From reminding you what bills are due to giving you recipes and meal ideas and even turning on the lights and other smart devices you will be amazed at how useful the Amazon Echo is. You will need to occasionally go into your Amazon account and delete the recordings that the device takes if you are concerned about privacy.

But overall the Amazon Echo is a great introduction to the world of smart devices. And as you get more and smarter devices you can sync them with the Echo for increased functionality. We just installed new smart smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. That also is synced with the Alexa so that they will play music all over the house when commanded. It’s amazing how smart devices can transform your home.

Some appliances like the Roomba and some kinds of stoves and refrigerators. Also, work with Alexa so you can start the vacuum or preheat the oven from anywhere.

Amazon Fire Stick

You can also use the Amazon Fire TV box if you prefer but we just got the USB Amazon Fire Stick. It completely changed the way that we watch TV. We ended up canceling our cable TV and upgrading our Internet service instead. Because we can watch Fire TV on any device in the house. But having it on the TV is fantastic because you can watch almost any channel on the Fire TV by using apps.

So in addition to Amazon’s huge selection of shows and movies. We can watch Netflix, HBO, Showtime, and other cable changes through apps on Amazon. You can’t access live TV with the Firestick though.

However, you can watch any content that the other channels over on demand, which is how we always watch anyway. We can sit down and stream Game of Thrones on HBO or catch up on The Walking Dead on Netflix. Watch one of Amazon’s exclusive shows on Amazon Prime all for just the cost of your subscription services. Great access and a cheaper cost is something that you will love.

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