Can You Ditch Local Shopping Entirely Using Amazon Prime and Instacart?

I hate shopping. It takes up a ton of time and I always end up buying too much stuff. I’m a mom with four kids and I don’t have time to always be running for the store for things. My husband and I tried a big box club membership so we could stock up on essentials once or twice a month but that meant we had to go and do a massive shopping trip every few weeks. That was a complete nightmare with four kids.  We subscribe to Amazon Prime and Amazon Pantry and I have an Instacart account so I decided to try an experiment to see if we could go an entire month without having to set foot in a store locally for food or family essentials, instead, we do online shopping.


The first thing I did was make an inventory list of everything that we use as a family and how much of it we use. I couldn’t know how much to order unless I knew what we used and how much of it we went through every month. Having inventory lists of essentials would also prove to be very helpful later on.

Once the inventory list was done I compared prices on essentials between local grocery stores through Instacart and Amazon Prime and Prime Pantry. Amazon was almost always cheaper. On the last day of the month, I ordered all of the toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and other non-food items that we would use that month from Amazon Prime and Prime Pantry. It was a huge order but because of Amazon Prime’s shipping policy, all of it was at the house in two days. I put it all away in a section of the pantry I had cleared out for all of it and was thrilled that I wouldn’t ever run out of paper towels or dishwasher soap all month.

Then I turned to groceries. Shopping for groceries for an entire month wasn’t practical so I decided I’d do two Instacart orders, one every two weeks, and I’d meal plan for those two weeks then shop for those ingredients as well as stocking up on household staples. For the first Instacart order I ordered from three different stores and paid no delivery fees because I pay the $15 a month membership fee. Within a few hours, all the food and supplies we needed for two weeks was at the door.

The Verdict

I did indeed manage to avoid doing any shopping for food or essentials for an entire month. And when I compared the cost of what we normally spent on groceries and household expenses being organized, having a plan, and bulk ordering actually saved us money as well as a huge amount of time. It’s a radical shift in thinking to give up shopping but for me, it was totally worth it. A little organization ended up saving me a lot of money and time that I get to spend with my family. You should try it and you’ll never go back to daily grocery shopping runs either

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